Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Running on Empty

Last week I talked about the difficulty I'm having moving at a snail's pace.This week I would take snail's pace over running on empty. I'm sitting in my living room taking a break from reading legislation while a plumber works on the two toilets upstairs. Since I arrived home (almost four hours ago - this plumbing situation is a whole thing), I've been guzzling caffeine like it's going out of style. I've read through more than 100 pages of proposed legislation which could account for my lethargy, but I think it's something else. It's that drive that usually keeps me going. Today it's wearing me out.

I've got a crazy week at work, and sometimes being able to sit down at home and read through emails and legislation without distraction is perfect. The problem is there are tons of distractions here - the drilling upstairs in my bathrooms and a barking Portuguese Water Dog who likes to alert me any time someone walks by. Our renters emailed with a list of things that need fixing in our rental property. Aforementioned Portuguese Water Dog is exhibiting signs of pain when she stands up. We have to work on completely redoing our adoption profile, and we haven't started on that yet. All of these things, combined with the capitalized bold print that fills pages upon pages of legislation on my computer screen, make me just want to take a nap instead of dealing with any of it.

It's always been difficult for me to relax in general, but running has always been my relaxation. Right now running is contributing to my angst. It's hard. It hurts. I'm slow, and I have yet to get into the runner's groove that usually helps me stop thinking about what stresses me out. My other most effective relaxation technique - reading - also hasn't been working. I start reading and my mind immediately wanders to something else (usually legislation...which is way less fun). 

The combination of all the busyness life has thrown at me this week makes me want to run to the Keurig and brew another cup of coffee. I realize given the curve balls that life can throw, these are minor league. Probably even little league. But it's one of those weeks (on Monday - already!) where things feel bigger and more dramatic than they actually are.

I've got some more reading to do this evening, and then I'll force myself to stop working, open a bottle of wine and watch a cheesy television show. I've got to do list upon to do list to deal with all of these issues, and they'll all still be here for me to address tomorrow. But if I'm going to get through my unread emails, I'm definitely going to need another cup of coffee.

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