Thursday, February 13, 2014

Time to Tri a New Challenge

This is it - the year I do my first triathlon. I've considered it for years, but this is the year I'm pulling the trigger. June 22 is D-Day, and I'll be rocking the Tri Goddess Tri sprint triathlon. It may be four months away, but that doesn't make me less terrified. Biking and running are no problem; it's that bloody swim that has me nervous.

All of the pieces are falling into place. I have a sassy new pink and black swimsuit. I have goggles. I have a membership to the YMCA of Lansing. One of my besties is a triathlon veteran, and she's helping me out. Now is the hard part - actually making myself do it. I'm excited to have some more focused cross training, but the idea of swimming in the dead of this brutally cold winter is challenging.

It's no secret that I like a good challenge. While competing in a triathlon seems scary now, it's the exact type of challenge I need to keep me motivated and focused. Plus I like the idea of having really sexy arms for tank top/bikini season. Hey...whatever motivates, right?  I'm sure solid preparation will help with some of the nerves. Besides I'm really only competing with myself. 

I've blogged before about the doubt that sometimes creep into one's head. When doubt rears its ugly head, it's the new challenges that help me rise above them. Pushing through the scary stuff is a way of telling the doubts to suck it.  As long as I'm striving to be the best, most motivated version of myself, the doubts always lose.

I'm psyched to do a triathlon. It'll be hard. It'll be fun. It'll be totally worth it. And if you see me on the beach this summer, I'll be the girl with the sexy arms.
The goal: this version of my arms circa 2004.

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