Thursday, April 19, 2012

To tri or not to tri?

I like to think I'm kind of a tough guy, but I admit it - I'm afraid of the swim. It's the swimming part that keeps me from doing a triathlon. It's not that I'm a bad swimmer. I practically lived at the pool in the summers as a kid, and I was even a lifeguard as a teenager. But something about an open water swim terrifies me. 

Seriously - this looks terrifying
I have friends who have done triathlons, and they're hooked. It also seems like a great way to get balanced exercise instead of just running. I keep thinking I'm going to do it, and every time the swim holds me back.  I'm also really particular about how things work, and I have no idea how a triathlon works. What kind of bathing suit do I wear? Do I change after the swim? I should wear goggles maybe? How do I get my bike to that station? Really the entire thing freaks me out.

It seems like a natural progression to go from runner to triathlete. It's a new challenge, and it's one that I think I'd like to try. At some point. Maybe I should do a biathlon? Do away with that swim all together. I find it funny that I'm not afraid to run 26 miles, but I'm terrified to even try this event because of the swim. So I need some advice: should I try a tri?

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