Monday, May 18, 2015

Celebrating Tuesday

Life is meant for celebrating. Sure there are the obvious big life events, but I'm a fan of celebrating every single day. I don't always do it, but today I am reminding myself to take advantage of and appreciate the magic of every day.

Last weekend I had a bridal shower to attend and a wedding later that same day. During my long run on Saturday morning I was thinking about those large events in life that we celebrate. But then I was also thinking about the smaller events that deserve celebration. This inner dialogue was occurring as I was rocking out a particularly great long run on the Lansing River Trail. We were expecting rain later in the day, and the weather was cloudy and cool. The only sound was my breathing and my feet hitting the pavement. In just the last few weeks the trees have bloomed brilliantly, and I found myself running under a brilliant green canopy. I celebrated that run like it was the last one I'd ever have. 

In 2014 my husband and I decided with a few dear friends that it would be the year of celebration. We got derailed a bit by my month long hospital stay, but 2014 was a year where we partied every Thursday. We traveled a lot, I ran a lot, and life was generally fabulous. The arrival of our son changed our world, but it was one of the best reasons to celebrate. As we inch into summer I'm reminding myself of the need to celebrate often. Drink the good champagne on a Tuesday. Ignore the house work and go out to dinner. Sit on the front porch and enjoy the summer breeze. There is a gorgeous lilac bush at the end of our driveway, and every time I walk by it I stop to smell it. Take time to smell the lilacs (or the peonies that will bloom soon).

Our summer calendar is filling like it always does with travel, races, time at the lake, and Friday evenings drinking on our porch. All of those events are worthy of celebration. We were in Detroit on Saturday attending a beautiful wedding, and I was appreciating how fun it is to have a night out in a cocktail dress with some champagne. While a special occasion is an obvious reason to celebrate, I will remind myself to celebrate cooking dinner in my beautiful kitchen. I'll celebrate walking my dogs on a quiet, warm evening. I'll celebrate the view from my living room of sun rising behind the Capitol building. I'll celebrate the adorable way my son curls up when he smiles and puts his little hands in his mouth. I'll celebrate those moments that seem taxing but really are blessings (although I may celebrate those in retrospect.) 
Celebrating a wedding and Saturday

Open the good wine because the 2014 celebration is spilling into 2015 and beyond. Every run, every trip, every baby milestone will be celebrated. We'll attend several more weddings and showers this summer, so life's big events will get the appropriate attention too. But I will make a conscious effort to appreciate life's regular events. It's Tuesday, so let's pop the cork!
Pre-wedding reception champagne

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