Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Trendy Brunches and Being Showered with Love

I'm going to rename this blog "I Brunch These Towns" because right now I'm doing way more brunching than running. I blame the small human that has taken over my life. I'm also blaming a nasty chest cold that kicked my tail last weekend. Less than a month before the Ann Arbor Half Marathon, and I'm woefully unprepared. I know I can power my way through it, but it's not going to be pretty. 

I was planning to do a long run on Friday evening, and decided to take the boring way out and listen to my body which was enjoying coughing every 2.3 seconds. I was in bed early completely exhausted with an achy body. Having a newborn and a cold isn't for the faint of heart.

On Saturday morning we headed to Detroit to brunch with friends at Selden Standard in Midtown. The restaurant was named the 2015 restaurant of the year by the Detroit Free Press. I didn't know that when we chose to meet there that it was so fancy, but our friends live in Detroit and thus know all the trendy spots. We just follow them there. Brunch was awesome. It was filled with great company, delicious food, and trendy brunch cocktails. When my husband and I first started dating we went to Detroit all the time, and we go less and less these days. Each time we go I kick myself for not spending more time there. Selden Standard was worth the hype. I highly recommend the cheese grits.

After brunch we walked around Canfield Street looking in the shops that weren't even there a few years ago. On my first date with my husband we went to the Traffic Jam and Snug on the corner of Second and Canfield. At that time it was the only thing on that street. On Saturday we went into several different shops including a running store where you know I had to buy a "Run Detroit" shirt. I had a lengthy chat with the owner about races we are running, and he invited me down for several events that I promised I'd come to. It was a great way to spend the morning followed by an afternoon of quality family time.

The next day three of my fabulous girlfriends held my son's baby shower. When you're adopting it's recommended you don't have a baby shower until after things are more official. It was an absolutely fantastic day surrounded by my amazing friends. My son is a lucky little guy with lots of people who love him, and his mom is a pretty lucky mom with the best friends a girl can have. 

With my fancy little man at his shower
Two weekend days, two eating/drinking extravaganzas, zero long runs. I'm running a 5k this Saturday, and I'll be back to running more than once or twice a week this week. I promise. (I'm only promising myself, but can someone please hold me to it?)

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