Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New Definition of Summer Madness

Memorial Day is the traditional start of summer. Normal people are barbequing and heading to the pool. In my typical crazy life fashion we spent Memorial Day weekend moving into our new house. I had several people ask me why I'd choose to move over a holiday weekend. All I saw was three uninterrupted days of unpacking and organizing. Is there a better way to spend a long weekend?

My parents came up to help with the move, and they arrived on Thursday evening. The movers came on Friday, and they were insanely efficient. I could not have loved them more. One of them also happened to be from West Virginia. I don't think that was a coincidence. Mountaineers climb higher after all (literally three floors in this case.) After getting everything moved from one house to the other we spent Friday evening relaxing (and drinking...let's be honest). 

Right during the middle of moving weekend I thought it would be a great idea to run a 5k. On Saturday morning we walked (yes walked!!) downtown to the Adado Riverfront Park about a half a mile from our house for the Capitol Memorial Run 5k. I'd signed up for it just a few days in advance, and it turned out to be a great small race. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day perfect for racing. 

Stretching and showing off my skin cancer bandage (kids - wear sunscreen!)
I love this game.

I was determined to beat my 5k PR of 26:00 set in 2011 in Portland, MI. I've been working my tail off to beat that time, and I've never been able to do it. I started off really fast during this out and back on the Lansing River Trail. About a mile in I knew I was probably pushing too hard, but at that point I figured there was nothing to lose. 

I love the Lansing River Trail and use it for all of my long training runs. The course was familiar, and I found myself getting in the groove after a few miles. As I got to the last half mile or so I began struggling, and I had to dig deep to keep pushing. I crossed the bridge over the Grand River and finished strong.

When I passed the line I couldn't believe my time - 23:55. I didn't just beat my PR; I destroyed it. Taking two minutes and five seconds off a PR in a 5k was shocking for me. Once again the triathlon cross training has paid off. I won my age group my almost a minute. I could not be more thrilled.
So excited when I saw my time!

The second time this year we've been photographed together. Scandal?

Getting my medal for winning my age group. Also check out this sassy, cut out North Face shirt!

A medal AND wing sauce? Yes please!
On Sunday morning my parents left, and before we could do more unpacking I had to fit in a brick workout - combination biking and running workout. Whoever invented these workouts is a sadistic person. I biked for an hour and ran on unsteady legs for 15 minutes. I followed the workout with about 8 hours of unpacking and cleaning which made it a pretty crazy day. Later that evening we walked our dogs to the Capitol building where I frolicked with my Portuguese Water Dog/Poodle Izzy on the Capitol lawn. Have I mentioned that I love living downtown?

We had dinner in downtown Lansing, and it is so great to be able to walk everywhere. I'm already loving our new urban American dream. Monday morning was a flawless warm day, and I started it with a quick run on the River Trail to Old Town in Lansing with my husband. It was another long day of unpacking and working around the house, but it was worth it.

When my alarm went off this morning at 5:15 I wanted to cry. But you don't shatter your personal bests by hitting snooze. I headed to the pool and did a quick 1,000 meter swim - the longest I've done so far. It was challenging, and my shoulders have been screaming all day. Watching the minutes fly off my running times makes every early workout worth it.

My kickoff to summer was anything but relaxing. I fit in a great running achievement, some other intense workouts, and had zero boxes left to unpack when I walked out the door to walk to work this morning. I'm hoping the entire summer won't be this busy, but who I am kidding? This is my new definition of summer madness.

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