Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Running is one way for me to relieve stress and relax. Another way is purging. I love to get rid of things. Sometimes it's gotten me into trouble when I've thrown away something that I needed or wanted later. But it's essentially another form of therapy for me to get rid of things I don't need. 

Moving is the ultimate in eradicating clutter and unnecessary things from my life. Just a week ago our attic was full of things we didn't need and hadn't looked at in the seven years we've lived in our house. Today it's nearly empty, the recycling bin is full, and labeled plastic containers are neatly stacked in the garage. It's a sight that makes this Type A lady nearly giddy with organizing pleasure.

One thing that has been difficult is packing up our nursery, a room we set up nearly two years ago and have never used. Last year I posted a blog about how hard Mother's Day was as another year passed without us having a child. Taking down all the things in the nursery has been meltdown inducing on several occasions, but I take comfort in the fact that when our baby arrives, he/she will be living in our dream home. We won't be moving for a while, and this is the house our children are going to grow up in. After a quick crying bout I'm generally back to packing with a vengeance.

While I throw away a lot, I'm still sentimental about some things. Old basketball cards for example.
Add my high school cheerleading megaphone to the few things I can't let go
 I've approached moving like I approach everything in my life - I don't slow down, and I really feel like I'm moving in my free time. Several weekends ago my parents come up to help us do some projects around our current house to prepare it for renting. That was a very productive and helpful weekend. This past week we had plans with friends several nights, and it was Easter weekend. So we got a little bit done but not nearly as much as I'd like.

It's looking like our closing date will be May 9. We're going to DC this weekend on a family vacation. Next week I'm in Kalamazoo one night for work, and the following weekend we're staying in Kalamazoo the night before I run the Kalamazoo Half Marathon. My sister is visiting the weekend of May 9, so I hope she's ready to do some work. I plan to pay her in bottles of wine. Seems like a deal. 

The following week I head to one of my favorite places, Marquette, Michigan for a few days for work. I fly back to Detroit on Saturday in time to attend a friend's wedding that night. Oh and at some point we have to move. You know...in our free time.  I'm extremely efficient. Everything will get done. Maybe at some point I should consider my excellent organizing skills to clean up the calendar a little bit. But how fun would that be? 

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