Thursday, April 10, 2014

No One Alive is Youer Than You

Dr. Seuss said: "Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than you."

Despite my general state of rapid movement, I spend a lot of time reflecting. That self reflection manifests itself in the form of writing. It (along with running) is my outlet for stress and self expression. I feel like I'm an open book both in this blog and in my life in general, but I also realize there are so many things that make up who I am. Someone asked me recently what my favorite album was, and I was stumped. I have so many varied music interests that it's hard to think of one thing in particular that encompasses everything I love. I listen to country, R&B, rap, 80s music...the list is endless. I finally landed on Alanis Morisette's Jagged Little Pill, which I think is brilliant. I have listened to that album hundreds of times. But that doesn't take into account some of my other favorites like Michael Jackson's Thriller and The Eagles' Hotel California or Brad Paisley's Mud on the Tires (the album that helped me fall in love with country music.) I also have this random thing where I love it when people talk during songs. It was tragic when Mike left Boyz II Men. Who is going to talk during their songs now?

I'm not the sort of person who often has one specific favorite of anything; I love too many things. It makes it hard to narrow it down. For example:

Favorite song? Take it Easy by The Eagles. Or Bring it on Home to Me by Sam Cooke. Or Head Over Feet by Alanis. Or Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. Who can pick just one? 

Favorite book? The Great Gatsby AND Gone with the Wind. Oh and I love The Time Traveler's Wife and Devil in the White City. See? I can't choose.

Favorite movie? Seriously...who can narrow it down? Gone with the Wind, Steel Magnolias, Sweet Home Alabama, 13 Going on 30, Black Hawk Down, Wedding Crashers, The Devil Wears Prada (I kind of want to BE Miranda Priestley)...and there are more.

Favorite television show? Friends, Beverly Hills 90210, Entourage, House of Lies, and I'd include HBO's True Detective in that list as one of the most brilliant things I've ever watched.

It turns out I'm more complex than any list of favorites can tell. I love rain, and words that end in "que". I LOVE animals especially my snuggly pets. I love all types of good food - Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Mediterranean, sushi. I favor gin in the summer, whiskey in the winter and red wine all year long.

With my precious pups in Maine in 2012
I have been an avid reader since I was a kid. In the 4th grade I read both Stephen King's The Stand and It. I used to get in trouble in school for reading books for fun instead of paying attention to my teachers. On vacation I can (and often do) read more than one book a day. When I am reading I tune out the world and find it very inconvenient when the world tries to intrude on my thoughts.  I'm impatient, I'm impulsive, and I'm loyal to a fault. I love summer; the hotter and more humid it is, the happier I am.  I hate earthworms.

Does it get hotter than summer in Jamaica? The answer is no.
I love clothes. I love shoes. I will often refuse to do things I'm not good at. I hate to talk on the phone (SERIOUSLY email me or text me), but I'm always game for a cup of coffee or happy hour. Just text me, and I'll meet you there. 

You already know that cities and running are two of my biggest passions, and I can't imagine a life in which I wasn't constantly traveling, constantly moving and pushing myself. I don't take criticism well because there's no way anyone can be harder on me than I am on myself.  I live life at 110 percent. I laugh a lot, I cry easily, and I love so much that it makes my heart feel like it's going to explode. All of these things (and more) make me who I am. I'm not perfect, and I haven't come close to figuring life out yet. But Dr. Seuss is right - nobody is more me than me.

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