Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Running vs. Snuggling

Running is hard. If it was easy everyone would do it right? Remember the hard is what makes it great. I've been in a real running funk lately. It's easy to blame it on the steroids, and they have certainly wreaked havoc on my body. It's easy to blame it on a hospital stay two months ago. In reality this funk started after the New York Marathon now eight months ago. Maybe it started as part of some kind of post marathon blues. But it has decided to dig in. With only a week and a half (yay!) left on steroids my excuses are becoming thin. I have to get back at it.

A huge part of my running lethargy has been my son's sleep schedule. He's been waking up around 5 am every day for a few months. My husband and I alternate mornings, and I promise myself on his mornings I'll get up and run. Then those days come and sleep, precious sleep, wins. Again this a total excuse - one makes time for what's important. That means right now sleep is more important than running.

I'm the kind of person who needs to burn off excess energy, so I know I'll get back into it. I talked to my best friend a few weeks ago, and she told me she was doing a running streak. I did one a few years ago and loved it. I decided I'd do a 4th of July to Labor Day running streak. Since July 4th I've run about four times. Worst streak ever!

This morning at 5 am my husband brought our son into our room in hopes that he'd go back to sleep for an hour or so (which rarely happens). It was my husband's morning to get up with the baby, and I should've been up working out. My son snuggled into the crook of my arm as close as he could possibly get to me. At that beautiful moment running didn't stand a chance. I'll always have running. I won't always have my toddler. So first thing this morning snuggles beat running. Tomorrow snuggles may win again. And right now that's okay. 

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