Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Be Extraordinary

This morning I started my day at an early physical therapy session. We taped my feet, did tons of strength and balance exercises, and by 8:15 am my hips were on fire. I questioned this PT regiment when I first began. It doesn't make sense to do tons of hip and core strengthening exercises. I hurt my foot people. 

You'd think given my extensive PT experience that I'd learn not to question their methods or why every physical therapist has deathly strong hands. That's a serious query: are these individuals who already had strong hands or do they grow into it?

Speaking of my PT manipulated my foot this morning, and ouch. Ouch. Granted I haven't spent the remainder of the day wearing the most appropriate footwear, but my shoes are gorgeous, medical tape and all.

Bringing sexy (medical tape) back.
I continue to marvel at the resiliency of the human body. Life has thrown Crohn's and its related complications at me, and I've confounded the situation by being Type A and never slowing down which has resulted in things like hip and foot injuries from running and wearing heels. But my mama always told me you have to suffer to be beautiful. Also she didn't raise a quitter (my words not hers). 

As hard as I've pushed my body has *mostly kept up. I was a sickly kid. I had severe ear infections and four ear surgeries by the time I was in high school. I had stitches in my face three times by the time I was seven. I have Crohn's and the resulting six abdominal surgeries, and I've gotten IV infusions every six weeks for 14 years. Two years ago I had a blood clot. I've had Melanoma and basil cell carcinoma (twice). I've been in physical therapy five times in the last ten years for running injuries. Seriously - my body is f*cked.

You'd think it would be so easy to slow down. But I think instead this is a great time to train to break 20 minutes in the 5k. My imperfections drive me. My body is resilient, and it forces my mind to be too. I'm making a very conscious effort to be kinder to myself. It's precarious to balance my desire to travel, run, hang out with friends and not miss a beat and the yearning to go to sleep at 8 pm. 

Here's why it's so hard for me to slow down - in a world filled with ordinary, I'm always looking to be extraordinary. I expect my body to keep up. I'm seeking the be kind to myself but don't settle for less than extraordinary balance. It's out there. When I figure it out I'll let you in on my secrets. 

*Mostly refers to my last blog

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