Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Lovin'

I adore summer.  The hotter and more humid it is the better. I want to wake up every day to sunshine and warm breezes. In the alternative I want warm thunderstorms. Anything less than 60 (at night!) in between June and August is absolutely unacceptable. 

Summers in Michigan can be challenging for me because it's often just not hot enough. But on the days that it warm I want to stretch out in the sunshine like a cat. This week the weather is impeccable: high 70s/low 80s every day, mostly sunny, humid. The weather could not be more perfect if I'd designed it myself.

This afternoon I was able to go to our daycare for "Water Wednesday" for my son's first time in the baby pool. Of course as I walked closer in 4-inch heels and a cute dress I realized I wasn't quite dressed for Water Wednesday. Then I thought screw often is my son going to be in the baby pool for the first time? I kicked off my heels and got on the ground in my dress. I was splashed and hugged by wet kids, and I didn't care. It was so worth it. That is what summer is all about - hot days in the water. For 30 minutes I didn't even care about the fate of my Kate Spade bag. Okay...I at least cared about it less than usual. 

My super cute kid in the pool
The only time I don't love the hot weather is while I'm running, but there's something to be said for gutting it out during a really warm run. It may not feel great at the time, but there's an accomplished feeling at the end of a run on a hot day. It's a struggle, but you feel like you've done more than on an easy weather day.

We love to travel, and one of my husband's general criteria is that we don't go somewhere warm in the summer. I've talked him into all-inclusive resorts in the summer only because we're always on the beach or in the pool. Typically, though, it's going somewhere north: Yellowstone, Montreal, Quebec City, Maine. You get the idea. 

Last summer we drove 13 hours north to Quebec City and found ourselves in the midst of the hottest summer on record. Temperatures were near 100 degrees which is even hot for me. Our attempt to beat the heat in northern Canada was foiled. This year my husband agreed to a week in Tennessee relatively readily after I pointed out that it couldn't be any hotter than Quebec City.

We're heading to the Nashville area in 2½ weeks, and the temperatures there are already in the 90s all this week. It's going to be hot. It's going to be humid. It's going to be fabulous. I'm registered for the Music City 10k the morning of July 4, and I'm excited to run what I'm sure will be a warm race. I can't believe I talked the hubs into the south in the summer. I'm an amazing lobbyist.

Summer is (un)officially here, and I'm ready for it. Bring on the heat, the humidity, the pool and tough running. Pass me a gin and tonic while you're at it. 

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