Friday, April 10, 2015

All About that Bass

It's probably not a surprise that I'm all about that bass. I remember in high school one of my male friends telling me my butt was similar to Jennifer Lopez's. This was before J. Lo was cool. I think her credits included being a fly girl on In Living Color and Selena. I was pretty offended at the time because having a booty in the late 90s wasn't cool. In the years since it's become fashionable to have a curvy bum, and I've learned to embrace it. Today, while wearing a clingy dress that shows I've got curves in all the right places, I'm thankful to the booty pioneers like J. Lo and Beyoncé for making the rest of our curvy selves cool.

I started thinking about this blog while wearing new running shorts that are huge in the waist but tight in the butt. It's a girl with a bubble butt's cross to bear. Everything is tight in the butt and loose in the waist. Why do you think I'm always wearing dresses? Pants and I are not often friends.

It's nearly bathing suit season, a time that makes women cringe. While I certainly have a plethora of body image issues that won't go away even with tons of therapy, I've generally become okay with having more curves. I know I'm small, and my curves are proportionate. But it took me a long time to be okay with skinny jeans hugging this runner's hips and thighs. That's where the muscle's at!

I don't see myself the way I actually look, and that's a constant struggle. But every little bit of body acceptance feels like a victory to me. Nearly 20 years after being told I look like J. Lo (Selena version), I'm (mostly) okay with it. All of this is being said before I've gone bathing suit shopping. Someone remind me of this post then, okay?

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