Monday, December 8, 2014

These Are a Few of My Favorite (Running) Things

Every year my husband tells me he doesn't want to get me running gear for Christmas. He finds it annoying that it's really all I want, and then he tries to be creative and buys me something else that I don't really use. When he does this I think if he'd just bought me running stuff like I wanted we wouldn't have this issue. So to make it, ahem, easier for my husband, I'm compiling a list of a few of my favorite (running) things.

Compression leg sleeves are the best. I LOVE them. They are the perfect running accessory for most of the year when pants are really too hot, but shorts are really too cold. Also they look adorable. I have one pair of Zensah leg sleeves that are yellow, and they are fabulous. I'm thinking I need at least one more pair...maybe two. Pink? Purple? Both?

Running tights are where it's at. I live in Michigan, and it's cold here a lot of the year. Running tights are very expensive, and that makes them the best gift. Right now our fabulous local running store, Playmakers, has an adorable pair of purple striped SmartWool tights. I love them, and I want them. Hey Santa (Honey?), are you writing this down?

Sweaty Bands headbands are the best thing to ever happen to a runner with short hair. I have five of them, and I wear them all. They're pricey for a headband ($15 each), but I love them so much. Sassy headbands are like high heels - one can never have too many. My favorite Sweaty Band is my silver sparkly one. There are so many adorable styles to choose from that I would love to have more. Sparkles are optional.

An argyle Sweaty Band? Yes, plesae.

Another winter must have here in Michigan are running hats. Last year my husband got me a great SmartWool running beanie, but I need more. When you run several days a week your hats get gross. You don't want to wear the same one every day. Plus you need different hats for different running outfits. Obviously.

SmartWool beanies!
Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year.  I love buying gifts and decorating and drinking coffee out of my favorite Tiffany Christmas mugs. Those are my actual favorite Christmas things. The only thing that makes those activities better is following them with a run while wearing a cute outfit.  'Tis the season!

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