Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Run or Drink Wine? That's a Stupid Question.

The answer is obvious - both. I love getting Runner's World this time of year with their tips on how to eat and drink in a smart way over the holidays. While I can appreciate the intent, let's be honest - I run so I can eat and drink whatever the f*$k I want during the holidays. Another glass of wine? Please. Another cookie? Don't mind if I do. In January I'll be back to eating like a normal human, but come on, it's Christmas. We socialize a lot, and I want to enjoy it. That's what marathon training is for - and that starts in 2014.

After a gathering at our house last weekend I was amused when I was taking out the recycling. It does not look like this is the home of a runner. 

Yes, yes the recycling bin does contain several empty beer growlers, multiple bottles of wine, an empty Jack Daniels bottle and lots and lots of cheese (Brie, cream cheese, bleu cheese). Now granted - there were dozens of people at our house, and I certainly didn't do all of this damage by myself. But I certainly did enough damage (and had the headache the next day to prove it).

So back to my original question - yes, I will do both. I will both run and enjoy the holiday season in excess. Life is short AND drink the wine.