Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I Get By With a Little Help From my Friends

William Shakespeare said, "A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow."  I love this quote, and it's one that popped into my head after my third trip to Washington, D.C. this year to visit my best friend who recently moved back from overseas.

Over a decade ago I met Charlotte, and we became instant friends. You've had that, right? That person you meet and feel like you've known that person forever.  Our friendship has made it through some rocky patches - things like long distances and girl drama - and yet she is still my go to friend for all of life's triumphs and crises.  After her living overseas for several years, I'm so excited to have her back on the same continent, in the same time zone, just a quick direct flight to National Airport.

This is a friend who has always been so supportive of my running and even loaned me her fabulous pup for a quick run on Saturday.  She's also the friend who will call me out for eating something that we both know is bad for me. Our friendship has evolved a lot over the last decade with us both now being married, her having several children, my struggle to have children, and two busy careers. But through all of that she has remained a steadfast part of my support system that I can't imagine not having.

My Saturday running partner
My trip to D.C. was super fast (less than 48 hours), and it was filled with hanging out, lots of shopping, and seeing a movie (something we always do together). This  is the kind of refueling of my soul that helps me remain motivated through the craziness of life.

We'll be back in D.C. in October for the Marine Corps Marathon, and I can't wait to see her and our other D.C. friends again.  We have some amazing friends, and it's part of what has made this life we have so very rewarding. My 48 hour friendship refuel = total success.

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