Tuesday, June 18, 2013


This year has been one full of intense challenges. From challenges with our adoption, my taking and failing the bar exam (again), having to put our 15-year-old cat down...it's been six months of a lot. This is on top of the regular stresses of life with work and my Crohn's. And through all of it I've been very mindful to count our blessings. If nothing else the first six months of this year have taught us that life is short. Life is challenging. And we should embrace every single moment. 

When we had to get away to Toronto a few weekends ago it was not just a fun vacation. For us getting away is part of who we are; it's a necessity. Of course it is fun, but it's getting away, traveling, experiencing is how we deal with life when life gets tough.

When I get up and head for an early morning run, it's not just for my health. It's for my sanity. My husband has been really coming along on his own running plan, and now that he's starting to enjoy it I find that I really love sharing it with him. I've always enjoyed running alone, and now I'm finding that having someone to join me is even more fun.

I haven't done a race in over six weeks, and it's time that I start competing again even if it's just with myself. We've had a lot going on, and it resulted in me canceling the 10-miler and half marathon I was planning to do at the end of May and beginning of June. But now I'm getting back into the swing of things. I always find training difficult in the summer with the heat and humidity, but I'm ready to to take the humidity on.

It's now been nearly 16 months since we've been waiting in our adoption process, and there are times when the wait is so difficult that I feel like my heart might explode. Then I force myself to enjoy those moments of quiet, dinner out on a whim, walking the dogs, going on vacation. We decided since we are still childless we are heading to Jamaica in two weeks. We considered Europe, but then we thought not a lot sounded better to revive our spirits then sitting on the beach drinking pina coladas and mojitos and just relaxing. Having no agenda with our smart phones tucked away in the hotel room safe for five glorious days.

Life is full of challenges for all of us. I choose to greet them head on, my fabulous husband by my side, working through them on a run, and topping it off with a cocktail. Here's to conquering challenges!

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