Thursday, December 20, 2012

Santa? Here? I know him!

Santa and I are BFF. And by Santa, I mean my husband. This wonderful man hates buying me running stuff, and yet I always get lots of it for holidays AND he indulges me on all my race trips. My Santa kind of rocks.

I have three big races coming up in the spring - the Winter Blast Half Marathon, the Cherry Blossom 10-miler and the Pittsburgh Marathon. My trip stocking runneth over. Now I am wondering what Santa will bring me to wear in those races. 

It goes without saying that I will wear West Virginia gear in the Pittsburgh Marathon. I have three pairs of WV shorts and WVU tech pants, so I need a cute top to wear with. I am partial to the Under Armour shirts I'd gotten on some of our trips, but I can't find a WVU one like it. Maybe Santa will have more luck.

I have dozens of tech shirts, so I'm always looking for cute bottoms. I've been coveting a colorful Brooks skort for a while. I also love Running Skirts gear.

My coveted Brooks skort
But in addition to just cute gear I am in need of a new foam roller. My physical therapist has this awesome foam roller, and it makes me realize how mine has gotten a little soft. It actually has an indentation from my hips...that probably minimizes the effectiveness.

I need one of these fancy black foam rollers.
Let's be honest - I have plenty of running stuff, and my race calendar is generally out of control. I am so blessed that we get to live this life where I can ask for running stuff because we have everything we need. This holiday season I am counting my blessings along with my miles.   


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