Thursday, October 4, 2012

Can we all be skinny b*$tches?

Last year I downloaded the book Skinny Bitch to my Kindle. I'd heard about it and thought it seemed interesting, and interesting it was. Granted I took much of it and thought it was unrealistic for my life, but there were some things that stuck with me.

I've been known to have a *bit* of a diet soda addiction. At its worst about a year ago I was drinking 5-6 cans of Diet Pepsi a day. Every day. It was out of control. One of the things they discuss in the book is how artificial sweeteners turn into formaldehyde in your body. That's just gross. So last November I gave up diet soda cold turkey for about 6 months. Then I realized that I used diet soda as a calorie free snack. I was drinking lots of water, WAY more than before, but I was also drinking coffee and tea at alarming rates. Now I indulge in maybe a few diet sodas a week, but it's a tremendous improvement.

For the record one of their other suggestions is to give up coffee, which is less of a skinny bitch move I think than a crazy one. Look, I'm all for being skinny. I've never struggled with my weight, and I want to be thin. But come on ladies. I want to have a cup of coffee. I want to have cheese (the book insists to be skinny one must be vegan). I think if one decides to make such a life change that's awesome, but it's not for me. A life where I have to give up coffee, cheese and ice cream is one that's not worth living.

Oh and I haven't even gotten to the alcohol! They suggest drinking only organic wine.That seems extreme. The case of 2 Buck Chuck I got this week from Trader Joe's has to be good. I mean it came from Trader Joe's, right?

Admittedly I could make better choices. I'm hoping to see a nutritionist at the University of Michigan after I see my GI doctor later this month. I'm all about trying to change my life to make healthy choices that make sense for me - a woman who runs a lot, has Crohn's, and doesn't want to give up ice cream/cheese/coffee/wine. Life is short. Sure maybe the authors would argue that it'll be even shorter if I don't give up my caffeinated alcoholic dairy vises. I respect the advice dispensed in this book and certainly don't think it's wrong. But I would like to think the authors would respect my choices as well. Yup, I have more cellulite than I did at 21, and I blame it on the wine. Cheers! 

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