Thursday, September 13, 2012

Where should we go?

After living in Norfolk, Virginia with and then near my sister for a few years in the mid-2000's, I moved to Michigan seven years ago.  I felt homesick leaving Norfolk, and I still feel a strong connection to the city having worked for the Mayor and with my brother and sister still living there. Being 12 hours away requires extra work, so a few years ago my sister and I decided we'd do an annual sister trip each year - just a long weekend with no real agenda other than to hang out. Last year we met in New York City for a long spring weekend, and this year we went to Chicago.

At Madame Tussauds in NYC, April 2011
Now we're looking to plan out 2013 trip, and we're a little stumped. I mean this is what happens when the possibilities are endless, right? It would be fun to go someplace neither of us have been, but we both travel a lot so that becomes more difficult.

Taking photos of ourselves at The Bean in Chicago, May 2012
I've been wracking my brain for cool ideas, and I have maybe come up with a few. I went to Denver for work four years ago, but I'd love to go again. It's just fantastic. I was also thinking potentially Providence or Newport, Rhode Island. I've heard both are gorgeous, and I love New England. Then in a complete change I was thinking potentially Sedona, Arizona. I've never spent a lot of time in the southwest, and Sedona is supposed to have beautiful scenery and relaxing spas.

All of those sound great...but am I missing an idea? Maybe an off the radar destination we have to visit? I have discovered that the Sedona Marathon is in February. There are lots of 5k and 10ks around Denver. And there is a half marathon in Providence in May.'s not necessary that I do a race during a sister trip, and I haven't yet. But *if* the timing works out, it wouldn't be the worst thing. 

This is a busy fall with a new job for my husband and a promotion for me, so we don't have any trips planned other than to Morgantown for West Virginia football. I'm also planning a trip to Norfolk to see my new nephew who will be born in October. I'm itching for a trip and in a far away place. So what do you think? Any ideas for a good destination for sister trip 2013?

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