Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I'm not good at living my life within its limits. I am constantly pushing harder, pushing to do more, do better.  And sometimes my Crohns prohibits me from pushing, and it is still, after 15 years, always a surprise.

Early last week I woke up like any other morning, put on my running clothes, and took off with my husband to walk our dogs. About a block into the walk, I doubled over with abdominal pain. We cut the walk short, and I headed home and collapsed into bed, quickly shooting an e-mail to the office that I wouldn't be in.  I'm a tough guy, so I figured whatever it was would just go away within a few hours.

A few hours later I had to get out of bed because I was in too much pain. I restlessly ambled around my house trying to get comfortable - watching TV, walking around, lying down. Nothing helped. Around noon I called my husband to tell him it hadn't gotten better, and I was swallowing my pride and saying we had to go somewhere. Initially I suggested urgent care, but I know how these Crohns things work. We went to the ER instead where I settled in for what I imagined was going to be a long wait. 

After a few hours and my new symptom, vomiting, I was finally seen in the ER, got an IV, and got some morphine. They ran all the tests and determined that I had an ileus, which is a bowel obstruction. They weren't sure of cause, but suspected scar tissue and adhesions (which just sounds gross). Thankfully there didn't appear to be a blockage which meant no surgery. I ended up in an observation unit overnight, and I was discharged late the following afternoon.  My husband said he realized how sick I was when he saw me put my fabulous new Kate Spade purse on the floor in the ER. That, my friends, is sick.

My fab Kate Spade bag tainted by the ER
I'm on a limited diet kind of until further notice, and it's difficult for me. A lot of Crohns patients are on limited diets, but I have rarely limited myself even knowing that something wasn't good for me. Now I realize I need to rethink my nutrition. I'm working through trying to figure out what I should and shouldn't eat, and it is not easy.

I am registered to run the Capitol City River Run Half Marathon on Sunday for the third consecutive year, and despite my disappointment, I am going to run the 5k instead. I am still hoping to do four half marathons this year, so that means I will need to run two more before January. But this will give me time to heal and figure out this new nutrition scheme before jumping into another 13.1.

People who know me well think I don't know my limits, and while it may appear that way it isn't true. I KNOW my limits. But after 15 years of dealing with Crohns, pushing my limits is part of the strategy. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't. This weekend I'm taking 10 miles off my race despite my disappointment. But once I'm back to 100%, those limits had better watch it.   


  1. Awww, I hope you feel better! I am constantly trying to figure out what to feed Jeremy since he has ulcerative colitis. Everything I read says to eat refined grains--white bread and white rice, and not anything high in fiber because it's harder to digest. But doesn't that sound counterintuitive??? Anyway, he takes a daily regime of metamucil, which he says helps, and has convinced me to start, too. I feel like an old person, but it really does help... I'll leave the rest of the detail of that out. Good luck finding the answers and get well soon!

  2. I feel your pain - I'm on the low fiber, refined grains thing too. Isn't it weird?!? It's a pain to deal with, but I remind myself it could be so much worse...