Saturday, June 30, 2012

You're on vacation - go run!

On Friday I received next month's edition of Runner's World. I love receiving a new issue. I read it repeatedly, cover to cover.  I've learned so much by reading advice from other runners.  The magazine has an advice column called "Ask Miles" that I find provides helpful tips. This month a reader asked a question that I find particularly surprising. He or she asked if they could "bank" miles before going on vacation - effectively catch up on miles so you can take a break on vacation. 

I'm all for a break. Everybody needs a break from running sometimes. But for me, vacation is just not that time. I'd rather take a break from my monotonous four mile route I've run 1,000 times. Vacation is for exploring. It's for relaxing. Vacation is made for running.

Tomorrow we're leaving for a week's vacation, and I can't wait to go running.  I have a TON of running stuff I'm taking along. I'm registered for the L.L. Bean 10k in Freeport, Maine on the 4th of July.  I honestly can't imagine a vacation without running.

It's worth it to find room in the suitcase for all this running stuff.
I realize running on vacation isn't for everyone - to each his own. But as a runner I find few things as gratifying as lacing up my running shoes in a new place. I have been able to find new restaurants and interesting sites on a morning run. It's a great way to get a lay of the land. 

We've had a busy year, and we are so ready to get away. Whatever you're doing this holiday week, enjoy yourself. And go for a run! You'll never regret that you did. I'm off - vacation here we come! Now if I could get this blasted Go-Go's song out of my head...



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