Thursday, June 7, 2012

Addicted to hardware

I think any runner gets it - we like bling. Hardware. Medals. If a race has a good medal, I may do that race just to add it to my collection. Not all medals are created equally, and a good medal can make a huge difference in a ace. When I finished the Double Bridge Run 15k in Pensacola, Florida in February, I walked around aimlessly in the finishing area looking for medals. When I realized we weren't getting one, I was not happy. I didn't reach my goal time, the course was light on spectators, AND I didn't get a medal? Unacceptable.

I admit - my first half marathon spoiled me a bit in the medal department. In 2006 I ran my first half, the Nike Women's Half Marathon, and runners receive a Tiffany necklace. There are guys in tuxes at the end handing out those glorious little Tiffany blue boxes, and even with all my IT band pain it made my day.  I wear that necklace all the time. Best. Medal. Ever.

Cute guys in tuxes? Check.
Tiffany necklace? Awesome.
In the six years, one (well two-ish with Green Bay last month) full marathons, 10 half marathons, one 15k, and a bevy of 5ks and 10ks, I find myself looking forward to the medal and really wanting it to be nice. They are really hit and miss. My best medal (after San Francisco) is the medal from the 2010 Detroit Marathon. It's so unique, SO Detroit, and I just love it.

Awesome medal from the 2010 Detroit Marathon
The medal from this year's Lansing Half Marathon reminds me of the Detroit one, and I really like that one too.  

Modeling the medal from the 2012 Lansing Half Marathon
 I particularly like being surprised by a 5k or 10k that has a medal. It's unusual, but it's really fun to get more medals. We've also discovered that our Golden Retriever enjoys wearing medals. He seems disappointed when we take them off. It's not just about me people - it's about the dog!

The Murphster modeling my 2011 Capital City River Run Half Marathon medal
The medal from the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon this year is pretty solid as well.  Granted we only got through 15 miles before they called the race for the heat, but I was not leaving  Wisconsin without a medal around my neck.

It's always disappointing to do a race and get a chintzy medal. It shouldn't be...I realize that. But who doesn't like a little bling after a long run? Let's be honest...we all do. What's your favorite medal?

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