Friday, October 28, 2011

I can't run for HOW long?!?

Last week I had surgery to remove two abdominal masses. It was supposed to be a pretty minor surgery, and then my surgeon discovered two hernias beneath the masses. I am a problem patient - it's kind of my thing. I realized as I am recovering slowly that the Hot Chocolate 15k is unlikely to happen. Not a problem as I decided I could just switch to the 5k.

I just had my post-op appointment with my surgeon, and he says no running for 3 MORE WEEKS! What?!? I complained immediately and said that wouldn't work. I have a race in a week and a half. At that point he laughed and said I could potentially do "light jogging" toward the end of next week, but he wouldn't recommend any sort of race. 

That means I'll be back in action in time for the Turkey Trot in Detroit on Thanksgiving Day. I was hoping to do the 10k, but that seems unlikely at this point. It's interesting that after running for 6 years, I can't even think of what other exercise I want to do. Nothing else is as fun or challenging to me as a good, hard run. Plus my husband, friends and co-workers like me better when I'm running and not grouchy. Trust me.

So fine, I'll take it easy. But for the record I'm NOT happy about it. The 15k won't happen, but the girls' weekend in Chicago will. And perhaps I'll do some "light jogging" in Iowa City when I head there in a few weeks. I think jogging these towns counts too. 


  1. Samantha I hope you recover quickly! I look forward to hearing about your next run, or at least the light jogging... I think you have a great thing going and hey, if I don't get to see all 50 states, I can always live vicariously through you. Oh- and I hope you get to re-visit running Austin at some point- that'd be awesome!

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