Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Believe in the Magic

I love Christmas. It's long been my favorite time of the year. I wanted to have a Christmas wedding because I love this season so much. It's the season that also hosts my son's birthday. The Christmas season is filled with magic. Do you believe in magic?

Christmas is also a time of reflection. This year I've been basking in the magic of the season and reflecting on magic elsewhere in my life. I see magic in my son's eyes every day as he learns more and looks at every day with wonder. This year has reinforced that love and support are magical. My husband has stood by my side and held down the fort in the roughest health year I've had in more than a decade. His love is magic. 

In a year that could have rattled me professionally the exact opposite happened: I feel more confident in my professional relationships and ability than ever. The incredible affirmation I received from those with whom I've worked the last decade was flattering and humbling. I learned that hard work, dedication, being genuine in relationships and passionate about your work matter. While hard work isn't magic, the results can sometimes feel magical. 

The unconditional love of a pet is magical. We may have lost our beloved dog Murphy this year, but our decade with him was filled with love and joy. The unconditional love of our dog Izzy and our cats (if cats can indeed love unconditionally...that's debatable I suppose) fills my heart with joy every day.

In 2016 my health was a significant challenge. I had a week-long hospital stay, months of steroids, half a dozen cycles of antibiotics, a major medication shift (I now do self-injections every two weeks), four iron infusions and many days and nights of feeling generally crummy. Even given that and the frustration that has resulted I am amazed by the human body. While it doesn't always cooperate in the way I want it to, the human body is remarkable. I may have to pare down my ambitious 2017 running goals to continue to let my body heal, but it will heal, and I'll be back with a vengeance.

I am typing this blog by the light of our Christmas tree. I can see the Capitol dome from the window in our living room. The landscape is blanketed with snow, and life is magical. There are so many blessings in life even when they are hidden by challenges. How can you not believe in the magic of the season?

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