Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Reset Button

Very rarely do we have the luxury of pushing the reset button. It's hard because as spouses, parents, family members, friends and colleagues there are always so many obligations. I hate the word "obligations" because it implies something unpleasant, but even when they are things one loves to do the calendar fills up and it can get overwhelming.

I had a sabbatical planned in August, and I was hoping to hit the reset button. I ended up having free time earlier and had nearly three months off before starting a new job this week. While at first it was a shock to the system to not have the calendar filled with work, it turned out to be magical. For three months I got to do whatever I wanted to do. I spent time in Portland, Oregon and a week in both West Virginia and Virginia visiting family. I spent afternoons by the pool and read dozens of books. I walked my son to daycare and then went for long runs. I got groceries during the middle of the day and took naps. 

I looked for jobs, but mostly they came to me, which was the most flattering thing. I found something that keeps me working with the communities I love and provides a new challenge. I genuinely hit the reset button and it's been fantastic.

Last week my husband, son and I spent a few days at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. My husband was there for a conference, and we tagged along. The Broadmoor is a five-star resort nestled in the Rocky Mountains, and it's stunning. It's unequivocally the nicest place we've ever stayed, and I didn't want to leave. We lazed about the resort and went to top of Pike's Peak. We checked out the Garden of the Gods and had breakfast in downtown Colorado Springs. In my last week before starting a new job I was clinging to precious moments of quiet, work-free time. I didn't run because I have been having hip and back pain, so I swam laps in the amazing outdoor lap pool. 

Deer at the Broadmoor
Garden of the Gods
At the summit of Pike's Peak
Swimming laps
When we got home I spent my last few unemployed days doing what I love most: spending time with my husband and son. I ran a 5k, and my son helped me cook. He LOVES to help me cook. My husband and I shared a bottle of wine and watched a terrible movie. I could feel my complete reset coming to and end, but I was the most relaxed I've been in years.

Cooking with my favorite toddler

My cheering section
I had a friend tell me a few months ago that I've had a lot of moments that would make most people take a step back: my health, the birth of my son, losing my dad. And if none of those things would do it maybe having a few months of quiet would help. And it did. I'm so excited about my new job, and I'm in the best place I've been in my adult life. I have the most perspective, and I'm ready to take on the world. Not everyone gets this opportunity, and I'm so glad I allowed myself to appreciate it. 

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