Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Running the Neighborhood

I am effusive about my love for living downtown, and I continue to sing its praises. Walking downtown for dinner or brunch is fantastic. Walking my dogs around the Capitol is lovely. Walking to work is amazing. The one and only snag I've found is a new running route. It's been quite the challenge to find the right route.

In our old neighborhood I had a perfect 3 mile running route. I ran along Moores River drive in Lansing's fanciest neighborhood, and I always felt safe. I'd run in the dark, in bad weather, almost always by myself. It was a great route, and I've run it more times than I can count. I have also logged lots of miles on the Lansing River Trail, but always in daylight hours generally on Saturdays when I know it's well populated. There are portions of the River Trail that seem unsafe, so I've always been careful about it.

I love our new neighborhood, and I don't feel unsafe in any way. The safe pocket we live in, however, is a bit limited. I'm having a difficult time finding my running groove in the new 'hood. I like to run early, and that inevitably means it's dark. I've promised my husband I won't run alone on the river trail in the dark even though it's a pretty short distance. A promise is a promise, right? So I've found myself running shorter distances trying to find the right route that is both safe and long enough.

I hate running on the treadmill. I could pretty easily head to the Downtown YMCA just a half a mile from home and hit the treadmill for a few extra miles. Perhaps that will be an option this winter. But right now it's fall and it's fabulous, and I want to be outside until the snow and ice force me indoors.

I've decided this winter I'll have to adjust my schedule and run in the evening. A few weeks ago my husband and I were out to dinner downtown, and we saw a group of runners coming in for a drink. I jealously watched the runners gathering together, and I wanted to be part of it. I signed up for the Mid-Michigan Running Meetup the next day. My running and travel schedule has been crazy the last few weeks, but I plan on running with the group. I want to enjoy running in my neighborhood with other people who have chosen to be part of downtown.

It's going to take a little planning, but I'll figure out the best routes to run in my new neighborhood. Living and running downtown is my dream. I'll be running this 'hood before you know it. 


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