Thursday, November 8, 2012

Runners running for office

I've had people tell me before that I should run for office, but I have a thing that day...gouging my own eyes out. Running for office would never be my thing, and as politics has become so vitriol it's difficult to even deal with it as a spectator.

Yesterday's elections held a lot of promise. Here in Michigan a number of constitutional amendments failed, and there were other election results I consider both good and bad. But politics, like the tide, are always changing. As soon as one gets too invested in any one person or issue it's on to the next.

I'm thinking we need to ensure we have runners in office. Presidents G.W. Bush and Clinton were runners, and I'm convinced it's necessary to keep you sane.  Yesterday I had a particularly stressful day, and I immediately went for a run when I got home. Every bad day and every crisis is more manageable after a run.

Bill Clinton, Nicolas Sarkozy, Al Gore, David Cameron, Tony Blair... all runners who've run for office
So I propose that to make our country a better place we should elect more runners to office. Choosing to be a runner requires dedication, commitment and hard work. That's something we should expect in all of our leaders. Going forward I support runners for office!*

*This does not prohibit my ability to potentially support Chris Christie despite his obvious lack of running.   


  1. Running is therapy! It's amazing how bad you can be feeling or stressed, but it's just that little bit better after a run :)

  2. It really is! The world would be a happier place if we were all runners. :)